Independence High School in Frisco Breaks Ground


No Joke!

In 2014, yet again, both Richwoods and Lawler Park students could change High schools to Frisco’s 7th high school recently named Independence High School off of Independence between Main and Eldorado.

This is the 4th high school for Frisco ISD in a 3 mile radius! THAT’S NUTS!

The High School will most definitely be zoned for part of Willow Bay, Stonelake Estates and a couple other new home aim minutes nearby.

Directly across the street from Independence High, there is a pad site for a Frisco ISD elementary school as well.

One thing is for sure, Frisco is definitely keeping its promise to keep schools small enough to never go to 5A.

Good for you Frisco ISD! But at Frisco build out, the city might have close to 15 High Schools! Again, NUTS!

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