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Independence High School in Frisco announces their mascot name . . . The “KNIGHTS”


Students from Richwoods, Lawler Park and Liberty Crossing are all currently zoned for Independence High School that will be opening in August of 2014

The big news is that the mascot of Independence High will be the Knights!

Will a suit of armor hold pride of place at the new Independence High School? Will the mascot carry foam swords and shields to football games? What will be the IHS official school team slogan and hand signal?

The new Principal Alan Waligura has been asking many future IHS students at meetings across the District.

Students who currently attend Centennial, Heritage and Liberty high schools, as well as Maus, Roach, Scoggins, Vandeventer and Wester middle schools is who Waligura has been talking to according to the FISD websites.

As principal, Waligura wants the first IHS students to have a voice in determining what a knight will stand for, what a knight’s shield will say and what a knight will defend. After all, it’s the students who chose a knight for the school’s mascot in January.

Independence will be the seventh high school to serve Frisco ISD students when it opens in August. The curriculum will be the same as FISD’s six other high schools and the student handbooks will read the same, but these first students and eventually the first faculty members will have the responsibility of establishing the school’s personality, its honor and character.

The staff at Independence High already has named the campus secretary Shannon Slade and four assistant principals: Chakosha Powell, currently an assistant principal at J.J. Pearce in Richardson ISD; Stephanie Sipes, currently an assistant principal at Shepton High School in Plano ISD; Hector Garcia, who will move from Lone Star High School; and Eric Green, who will move from Heritage. Other campus leaders include Heather Holmes, lead counselor; Kyle Story, athletic coordinator; and Chris Cansler, band director.

My only heard concern is that students of Richwoods and Lawler Park that will attend Independence High will NOT be provided buses since they are located under the 2 mile mark. The only reason this is a big deal is the students would have to walk or ride a bike across a busy Main Street and there is not even sidewalks currently.

But we shall see how the school district handles this one!

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Independence High School in Frisco Update

Independence High School in Frisco is nearing completion.

The address will be 10555 Independence Parkway. It will open as a 4A school next fall with ninth, tenth and eleventh graders and will offer varsity team sports in its first year.

Independence will help relieve Centennial, Heritage and Liberty high schools, all of which are currently near or above capacity.

All three high schools received additions in recent years and now accommodate 300 more students or up to 2,100 students at each campus.

Independence High School currently in the preliminary student zoning recently released from the city has the following communities zoned for Independence: Richwoods, Lawler Park, Cypress Creek, The Arbors at Willow Bay, Stonelake Estates West, Villages of Stonelake, Stonelake Estates East, Craig Ranch with Liberty Crossing in the air.


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Wow! Breaking News about Richwoods and Lawler Parks Zoned High School for next year


I actually can’t believe it but last night at the Frisco ISD school board meeting to discuss attendance zones, they mentioned that ANOTHER HIGH SCHOOL needs to be planned for East Frisco residents! This is on top of the new Independence High School! Wow!


The new proposed plan for attendance that was shown last night has Independence High School pulling from students now zoned for Heritage who live south of Eldorado Parkway. And the neighborhoods north of Gunstream Elementary that are east of Hillcrest would move from the Centennial zone to the new Independence High School Zone.

Richwoods and Lawler Park as well as most neighborhoods north of Rolater Road would shift from Liberty to Independence.

It’s amazing the amount of students that are moving into Richwoods and Lawler Park. Most of my clients have 2 children up to 4. A family down the street from me has 5 girls!

No question about it that kids outnumber the parents in both Richwoods and Lawler Park.


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Independence High School in Frisco nearing completion


Independence High School in Frisco is nearing completion. The newest high school in Frisco is much needed for the record amount of new communities up and down Independence.


Independence High School is just south of the Arbors of Willow Bay between Eldorado and Main on the West Side.

My thought is all of the new communities South to 121 will be zoned for Independence including Lawler Park and Richwoods. Adding the amount of homes in Richwoods and Lawler Park would overflow Liberty High and Centennial maxed out. But we will see.

There are a couple lots left in The Arbors at Willow Bay where American Legend builds that back to the school that are fantastic. They have an additional 10 feet and large trees that buffer the school from the homes and behind is a large open field.


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Demand for American Legend Homes in The Arbors at Willow Bay on Frisco is exceeding expectations!


American Legend Homes in Frisco at the Arbors at Willow Bay is having to slow their sales down! Corporate is only allowing 5 sales a month for this community!


This is almost becoming a norm at all the sales offices in Frisco. The demand for homes is still at the highest it has ever been in this area and the developers are feeling the heat to get more lots ready for builders.


As for American Legend, they have a lot going for them. Location in Frisco near both McKinney and Frisco for shopping dining and entertainment. Their prices for this second phase that just opened up is still around $50,000 less than both Richwoods and Lawler Park right down the road.


Their open floor plans and two story family rooms. The Arbors at Willow Bay having two swimming clubs and a spray park for the kids.


And with the addition of Independence High School in Frisco right next door to the community really helps and shows the amount of growth that this area is seeing.


The new phase is also a plus for new homebuyers considering the lots are 5 foot wider than phase 1’s 65 foot wide lots. This doesn’t sound like that much but after the homes are complete, it’s a big difference.


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Independence High School in Frisco Breaks Ground


No Joke!

In 2014, yet again, both Richwoods and Lawler Park students could change High schools to Frisco’s 7th high school recently named Independence High School off of Independence between Main and Eldorado.

This is the 4th high school for Frisco ISD in a 3 mile radius! THAT’S NUTS!

The High School will most definitely be zoned for part of Willow Bay, Stonelake Estates and a couple other new home aim minutes nearby.

Directly across the street from Independence High, there is a pad site for a Frisco ISD elementary school as well.

One thing is for sure, Frisco is definitely keeping its promise to keep schools small enough to never go to 5A.

Good for you Frisco ISD! But at Frisco build out, the city might have close to 15 High Schools! Again, NUTS!