4% Total Rebate for Richwoods and Lawler Park ends on the 20th

The 4% Total Rebate that ends on August 20th for all new contracts using Brad Holden as your Realtor has been a tremendous success!!!


This is very simple. If you are considering either Richwoods or Lawler Park in Frisco. Richwoods quality builders like Toll Brothers, Landon Homes, KHOV OR Newcastle are all eligible for my 4% Total Rebate incentive.

The reason why using me is a no brainer, is when you realize that all of these builders will not decrease the sales price a normal “3% realtor commission” it only makes sense to use my representation on your transaction.

Call me now at (469) 733-2723 and introduce yourself and ask me if I can help you on purchasing a new home.

Even in Lawler Park with either Darling Homes or Highland Homes, the same incentive goes.

Not only am I purchasing a home and will be a resident of Richwoods, I have sold numerous homes in both Richwoods and Lawler Park due to the best “Representative Rebate in Frisco.”

“The only reason I can provide this is because I am my own independent real estate broker. Most other agents with Keller Williams, ReMax or Ebby can’t offer this incentive because their company won’t allow this or they do not see the value.”

I see a tremendous value since I will be in the neighborhood, I am hoping that my own neighbors will come to me when the time it is to sell.

I will also offer my negotiation at contract if you would like to get the best deal or max out the incentives. I know what the builders will consider and what they will not when it’s negotiation time. Or if you would like to use my rebate just let the builder representative know and they will call me to get the instructions on how to apply the rebate.

I have compared my 4% Total Rebate to what other realtors offer and cannot find another client incentive that is close.

Again, call me at (469) 733-2723 or e-mail me at b@holdennewhomes.com to maximize your new home experience and minimize your total out of pocket expenses!


Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Texas Licensed Real Estate Broker

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