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I have sold now over 60 homes in Richwoods and Lawler Park in Frisco Texas. Through these many transactions, I have seen the new trends that buyers are looking for and builders are making their dreams come true.

This is what I feel is coming up in the years to come that is changing in New Construction in the years to come for North Texas families, and he gave me some interesting things that he saw in General and what Darling is doing to make their floorplans timeless and sellable in the next Decade. The Darling Model Homes at Lawler Park in Frisco really helps display the wants and need with their finishout details. The Landon Home model in the Glen section in Richwoods shows the new trend of sectioning off rooms throughout the house.

Start looking for the following trends:

Formals are going away. Darling Homes is builiding more plans with options to change the dining room into a downstairs Media room or game room.

The open kitchen concept is not going away anytime soon


The open kitchen and living room concept will be around along time in any new home.

Builders are now focusing on lines of sight and sound barriers with their floorplan designs. They try their best to avoid ‘echo boxes’ by allowing for spaces to be closed off if needed or options to seperate noisy living or gaming areas for children.

Casitas or Mother In Law in-house suites with Garage or Outside Access.

The Darling Model in Lawler Park in the Crossing allows for the Mother in Law to come and go as they please without even distubing the rest of the household. And in Lawler Park they can build this in the mid 400’s. Can you imagine Luxury living in the premier South Frisco community for very realistic prices?

Straight Staircases are coming back.

Top Quality materials and thick wood wrapped cases make them still a focal point even without all the frills of the curved case.

Exposed Cedar stained beams at the vaulted cathedral ceilings in the living room.

Another custom home feature for a non custom home price.

Call or Text me today (469) 733-2723 for a tour of Lawler Park in Frisco Texas or Richwoods in Frisco. Let me tell you more about why these communities are HANDS DOWN, the best in DFW. These builders believe in quality and after seeing construction for almost 8 years, it is hard to find builders and communities like this.

Contact me Brad Holden at (469) 733-2723 to discuss the communities and ask about my clients 4% Total Rebate that I am extending my clients until the end of December.

Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker


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