5 Reasons Why Dallas Cowboys move to Frisco, Texas helps Real Estate for the City of Frisco


I think this would be a good thing on multiple fronts, but lets talk real estate.

1) Players may move and establish homes in Frisco. I have seen many professional athletes move to Frisco to raise a family like former heisman trophy winner Tony Dorsett, Jason “Jet” Terry and Marcus Spears. This is good for bringing the “celebrity factor” to the community for re-sale.

2) Frisco will get press (continually) with the Cowboys headquarters here. Whenever Dallas Cowboys news is on, Valley Ranch is normally mentioned. So substitute “Frisco” for some incredible branding exposure. Frisco will be associated with Dallas for new business relocations to consider to raise their family.


3) This will further solidify Frisco as a “sports” city. Currently having the Dallas Stars, FC Dallas, Frisco Roughriders and the Texas Tornadoes has brought a great amount of attention to Frisco as a sports mecca for professional and children as well. Every client that had a family that I have ever sold a home to has asked about the “sports” in Frisco. Huge factor for many when considering to buy!

4) Frisco location and highways are very well positioned for players to get to/from practice and home/nightlife/airports, etc. with the Dallas North Tollway and 121. The players will put Frisco on the top of their list since the majority of the time they will be at the practice facility. More players, more excitement and more money for the city.


5) Travel/tourist income will increase significantly! Press, visiting players and families (recruits, etc.) and the myriad of businesses that do business with the Cowboys will add more revenue to the local hotels and restaurants. More money, nicer retailers, restaurants, luxury hotels all drive up real estate values.

There you have it, Top 5 Reasons the Dallas Cowboys move will positively effect Real Estate in Frisco.

If you are considering Frisco to relocate to or would like more information about Richwoods, Lawler Park or Phillips Creek Ranch call or text Brad Holden at (469) 733-2723.


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