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Dallas Cowboys in Frisco at their annual Reliant Home Run Derby.

The Dallas Cowboys participated in their sixth annual Reliant Home Run Derby held in Frisco, Texas at the Dr.Pepper Ballpark last Monday.  They raised $50,000 for the Salvation Army. Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Jason Garrett, came away as the winner for the second time only raising $100 more than Jason Witten.

The event started at 5:30pm and tickets were only $5.00!  Absolutely an amazing opportunity for families to bring their kids to be up close with the Dallas Cowboys. 

Many of the players brought their kids with them like Tyron Smith

Rowdy made an appearance and threw out the first pitch. 

The players were getting ready for introductions in the dug out. 

Here are a couple videos highlighting the event:

Participants included Dak Prescott, Jason Witten, Ezekiel Elliott, Byron Jones, Jason Garrett, Orlando Scandrick,  Travis Frederick, Tyron Smith, Zack Martin and Jeff Heath.  Dez Bryant showed up towards the end because he went to the wrong stadium.

Dak Prescott had to have baseball in his background because he can crush the ball!

Dez and Dez Jr. race to say their hellos to Dak Prescott.

After the derby, Byron Jones, Coach Jason Garrett, Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott try out their skills in the infield.


Dallas Cowboys Gavin Escobar and Jeff Heath at iFly in Frisco Today!


Today Dallas Cowboys Rookies Gavin Escobar (TE) and Jeff Heath (SS) were trying out iFly in Frisco. With the move to Frisco most likely in 2015, they were here taking a couple flights and scouting out the area. And luckily I had both of my boys Jake & Jax with me to snap a pic!


Gavin Escobar was selected in the second round out of San Diego State and proved to be a great addition to Jason Whitten and James Hanna. He has fantastic hands and is HUGE! 6-4 or 6-5 I think.


Jeff Heath wasn’t chosen in the draft but picked up immediately after by the Cowboys and played nearly every game due to JJ Wilcox being injured early and was very dependable throughout the season.

But the real question is, what new community in Frisco suits them best.

Young and in their early 20’s, I would say Park Place in Frisco. Great location, high-end finish out and very close to the new Cowboys Training Facility.


Keep a look out for more Dallas Cowboys around town like Gavin Escobar and Jeff Heath in the near future.

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Brandon Carr of the Dallas Cowboys buys a new home in Frisco, Texas


Here is the first Dallas Cowboy of many to buy a new home in Frisco. Brandon Carr, the Dallas Cowboys starting Cornerback, recently purchased a new home in the private Kingswood community in Frisco.


On the field, Brandon Carr made a 49 yard game-clenching interception return for a touchdown against the New York Giants last Sunday.


The 27 year old is in his 6th season and the Cowboys just signed Carr to a $50.1 million 5 year deal that included $26.5 million in guaranteed money that could change his family for generations. Now in Frisco, Texas!

I am sure after his multi-year contract was worked out that moving the practice facility to Frisco helped him make a decision.


The home is a new Grand Home that is mediterranean style with stucco and a tile roof. The community is called Kingswood which is a Gated neighborhood with clubhouse, trails, and a creek.

The home boasts a front courtyard, round entry, cast stone fireplace in family, lots of wood floors, mom space with built in desk, kids computer loft with a desk.


The gourmet kitchen has granite countertops, knotty alder cabinetry, GE stainless steel appliances, pot and pan drawers and a breakfast bar. Grantite vanities are also in the master bedroom.




The home is located at 3855 Vanderbilt Lane and has 4 Beds and 4 Baths. The square footage is around 4,226.

And on top of the new house, Carr welcomed a new baby boy into the world in August! (By FaceTime! Click here for the story!)


This is the first of many Cowboys to make Frisco their home!

If you are looking for the best private communities in Frisco also consider Starwood and Richwoods. These are some of Frisco’s most sought after locations by far right now.


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Frisco, Texas is the Place to Live in 2013!


After the Dallas Cowboys deal came out, a lot of other figures and stats prove why Frisco is the place to live right now.

Back in mid-August, Frisco seemed to overpay for the Dallas Cowboys’ next-generation training facility by agreeing to $115 million-plus from Frisco taxpayers. That’s a lot of money for a city only a tenth of the size of Dallas right? Wrong.

I have recently uncovered that the City of Frisco has been blessed with money for new projects and incentives, thanks to good fortune, aggressive city planning and phenomenal growth.

Since the 1990s, Frisco has been collecting a 1 cent sales tax for economic and community development. (That was so smart!) And because of that, Frisco now has the largest amount of money for economic and community development of any city in the state of Texas!

According to the Texas comptroller records, Frisco collected $24.5 million for those purposes in 2012 alone. The closest city to Frisco was Corpus Christi which brought in $5 million LESS and has 2½ times the population of Frisco.


The total that the city of Frisco will be contributing to the Dallas Cowboys deal is around $150 million. Well, if you look at the Frisco economic and development 1 cent tax for 2012, that $150 would most likely only take 7 or 8 or 9 years! Already paid for is my guess!

But more interesting to me is the growth. This only helps Frisco Real Estates and new developments. Just look at these numbers from Frisco ISD through the years.

17 years ago in 1996, Frisco had five schools total and around 3,000 students. Today it has 56 schools and almost 46,000 students.

Sales tax in 1996 was $749,000 for schools. In 2012, it was more than $12 million!

The Frisco Independent School District has agreed to $30 million for the Dallas Cowboys practice stadium that also will be used for high school football and other events.

Other Frisco stats that make it the place to live are as follows:

•Frisco was the nation’s fastest-growing city from 2000 to 2009.

•Frisco is double the state median household income at $105,697

•Frisco home values average $248,000

• Frisco residents are smart too with 58 percent have at least a bachelor’s degree

And many have no idea about this one. Frisco has a special tax district that generates about $20 million in annual property tax. Known as TIRZ No. 1 (Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone), it was created initially for the the Stonebriar area when the vacant land was initially appraised at $16 million.

Land and improvements in Frisco are worth about $1 billion today, and the incremental tax will pay the debt for new schools, stadiums and the future Dallas Cowboys development.

The TIRZ 1 will continue in Frisco through 2038. TIRZ 1 paid $16 million for debt service last year alone.

If you are looking for a new home in Frisco or have questions about communities, schools, locations, builders, etc., text or call Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723 for more information.

And check out some of the newest developments that have recently opened their lots like Lawler Park, Richwoods and Phillips Creek Ranch. Liberty Crossing is another that is planning to open end of 2013 as well.


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Dallas Cowboys Excitement Grows in Frisco


Since the small commercial strip center called Hall Park Pavilion opened on Warren Parkway and the Dallas North Tollway in 2006, Subway, Gazebo Burger, Paul Rubin’s Childrens Dentistry and other establishments have seen the Frisco area grow.

But nothing like this!

Now, across the street from the retail center the acres of flat open space has a new blue sign that reads: “Future Home of the Cowboys World Headquarters & Training Facility.”



America’s Team announced its plans for a $115 million deal to develop 91 acres owned by the Frisco Community Development Corporation.

Though businesses and residents are enthusiastic, some have expressed concern about increased traffic. Plans are to open the practice facility for the 2016 season.


In addition to a 12,000-seat indoor stadium and office space, 66 acres will be sold to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ Blue Star companies for private development. Other businesses within the private development are expected to include high-end sports retail, restaurants and a luxury hotel.

Stonebriar Centre Mall might be the only other opening that was more anticipated or possibly the Richwoods Development on the East side of Frisco.


Anytime Frisco grows, it’s positive for the mall and other big residential communities like Richwoods, Lawler Park and Liberty Crossing.

When the Frisco Community Development Corp. bought the parcel in 2010, city manager George Purefoy mentioned it would be a prime spot for a children’s amusement park. It was also considered as a possible home for a movie and production studio.

The city of Frisco also tried to lure the Nebraska Furniture Mart to the open up the acreage, but the retailer decided to build in The Colony instead.


But honestly, who would choose a furniture store over the Dallas Cowboys?!? Around the facility there should be close to three times the retailers of the Shops of Legacy in Plano.


I have already shown one Dallas Cowboy through some Toll Brothers homes in Richwoods and I am sure he is not the last. I have also had a Cowboy inquire about Phillips Creek Ranch, so they are definitely looking.


And the fact that this guy will be seen around town won’t hurt the JJ spotting a on FaceBook either.

For more info on Frisco New Homes or available lots in any of the newest communities in Frisco, call or text Brad Holden Today at (469) 733-2723.


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Regional Economic Impact of Dallas Cowboys move to Frisco in the Billions


The most important topic that was discussed at the Frisco City Councils Special Called Meeting on Monday Night was the Regional Economic Impact of the Dallas Cowboys moving to Frisco.

A chief economist was hired by the name of Elizabeth Morris, also CEO, for Insight Research Corporation to look into how the Dallas Cowboys mixed use development would impact the region.

“Insight Research Corporation has refined an economic analysis protocol to evaluate the detailed economic, employment and tax impacts of public and private capital investments, major projects and business site locations and expansions. Insight Research Corporation’s approach employs the methodologies of the US Bureau of Economic Analysis and the Bureau of Canadian Statistics, the “gold standards” of economic analysis in the United States and Canada respectively.”


She spoke at the meeting and her stats were alarming regarding the mixed use section which is 66% of the 91.645 acres, in a good great way!

Here are the details:

• This section alone will add around 400,000 square feet of new commercial space and 50,000 square feet of new restaurant space

• 2 Hotels plan to to be developed

• An addition of 4,500 jobs by full development in 12 years which is the year 2026

“The Economic Impact she projected was 23.4 Billion in 30 years!”

She also mentioned that the tax revenue alone will bring the city of Frisco 1.2 Billion in the next 30 years!


If she is even 20% right on her forecast and numbers, this deal MAKES the city of Frisco.

More of a reason to make the move to Frisco. Call or text Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723 for more information on the new home developments in Frisco today.


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Review of the Press Conference for Frisco and Dallas Cowboys Today with Jerry Jones


There it is! One beautiful sight in Frisco, Texas!

The Press Conference with Frisco, FISD and the Dallas Cowboys today at 11:00am was an event with nothing but positive vibes!


Around 10:40am the Dallas Cowboys bus rolled in with the beautiful 5 foot blue star on the side. And probably 2 minutes later both Stephen Jones and Jerry snuck around the front and climbed on board.

At 10:45am a line of Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders then followed and lined up on both sides of the door of the bus.


The crowd then waited until the Cowboy Royalty wanted to show their faces. In that time I spoke with many big wigs that were also there. Bill Darling of Darling Homes, Del Harris former Maverick Coach, Former Mayor of Frisco Mike Simpson, State Representatives, Former NFL Players and Rex Glendenning the broker that brokered the deal between the city and the Cowboys.


And at 11:04am they made there way out of the bus and to the podium under the tent in front of around 25 video cameras and 10 flashing picture cameras. And a loud cheer of excitement from the crowd.

Pics below of the Dallas Cowboys Press Conference in Frisco:








Main Points of the Deal:

• Projected completion with “footballs in the air” per Stephen Jones – Fall 2016

• FISD to pay 30 million for the Cowboys Stadium then the Cowboys will pay the rest

• FISD uses indoor facility and two outdoor fields Thursday and Friday evenings AND has priority over the Dallas Cowboys

• Dallas Cowboys Headquarters and Apparel Company to move to site – Around 200 jobs

• 25 year contract guaranteed and 1 week of Pre-Season every year in Frisco

Then I had to get pictures with both Joneses and Welcome them to Frisco!



And I told Jerry he would not be let down with the quality of all of the new developments for his players to buy homes in Richwoods, Lawler Park, Phillips Creek Ranch and Liberty Crossing in the near Future. He smiled and nodded.


“And I personally want to welcome the Dallas Cowboys to Frisco! Can’t wait to help you out with your luxury real estate needs!”

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Dallas Cowboys Press Conference confirmed tomorrow at 11:00am at Frisco Station site


The press conference to announce the Dallas Cowboys moving to Frisco will be on Tuesday at 11:00am in a field at the corner of Warren and Gaylord.

The tent is up an they are prepping the land for the event!


Stay Tuned.

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Dallas Cowboys sign markers are up at Frisco Station


It’s exciting!

Two sign markers go up the same day that the City of Frisco is meeting to approve a Dallas Cowboys Headquarters and a practice facility.



My guess is “Frisco Station – New home of the World Champion Dallas Cowboys – Coming 2016”.
But I could be wrong. (Highly Unlikely!)

Considering there is a party tent 50 yards away!!!!


More to come. Stay Tuned!


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The Party Tent is being erected right now for the Dallas Cowboys and City of Frisco Press Conference on Tuesday


If this isn’t more proof, I don’t know what else is! Workers are feverishly constructing a party tent for the Dallas Cowboys Press Conference tomorrow announcing the Dallas Cowboy move to Frisco.


This will take place at the intersection of Warren and Gaylord at where the Frisco Station development will be.

Here is the full story on the Dallas Cowboys move to Frisco.