Dallas Cowboys Press Conference confirmed tomorrow at 11:00am at Frisco Station site


The press conference to announce the Dallas Cowboys moving to Frisco will be on Tuesday at 11:00am in a field at the corner of Warren and Gaylord.

The tent is up an they are prepping the land for the event!


Stay Tuned.

Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

2 thoughts on “Dallas Cowboys Press Conference confirmed tomorrow at 11:00am at Frisco Station site

  1. How will this be an incentive to the Frisco community? Sure there are positives as in revenue towards the economy. But the negatives may just overrule the positives in this case. Why was the public not made aware of this ” move ” in a timely order? This has been in the works for several months if not years. So why is the public just now hearing of this?

    • Josh, the public was made aware of the move. Last Friday they scheduled the meeting to publicly discuss the deal. I was at the city council meeting and considering they have the public 4 days with every media outlet reporting it and not one person came to the podium asking any questions or voicing any concern shows that no one was “adamant” about their issue with the move.

      They have been discussing for a couple months, but until any agreement was reached it was just an idea. If they brought up every “idea” or “concept” nothing would get done.

      Regardless, the incentive to the community is branding for the city which will bring in many events, concerts, and any other noteworthy conventions that Frisco could otherwise not accommodate or even be nominated for.

      Trust me, this is a REALLY big deal for the city if Frisco!

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