Frisco Gun Club has the Soft Grand Opening Today!

20131127-202333.jpgAt 9:00am this morning, an employee told me around 40 people were in line and ready to shoot!


That kind of response to a Gun Club shows that there was a need and did they ever do it right! It is absolute luxury right when you walk in. There is a vaulted 40 or 50 foot ceiling right when you walk in!


The floor is filled with rifles, handguns and practically any gun you are looking for. The club is actually a club. Like a country club in a way. There is a regular membership, platinum and VIP. The prices start at $225 for an individual to join for a regular membership and has an annual $180 renewal fee. There are too many benefits to list though but a couple are $10 range fee per person and $15 for any guest.


But for the “Big Dawgs” the VIP Membership is absolutely amazing, but big bucks. A Family VIP Membership is $7,500 with a monthly fee of $200 a month. But wait until you see these benefits.


The Frisco Gun Club is the “Nations Largest” in the country and they spent approximately $9 Million on it.

First off, there is a VIP Club lounge that VIPs can have exclusive use of. Upscale private dining, unlimited use of private lanes, 12 guest passes per year, gun storage, 1 hour of private instruction and 12 cleanings per year. Wow!


And regardless your stance on Guns, this is HUGE for the city of Frisco! North of Dallas there are very few ranges and this can not only boost the appeal of people in Dallas to venture to Frisco but will also help travelers have another reason to choose a Frisco hotel instead of one downtown!


The real Grand Opening is on December 6th, 2013.

And last but not least, this place has granite in the bathroom! Who has granite in the bathroom?!? Obviously, the Frisco Gun Club!


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Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

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