iFly Dallas opens in Frisco

My son and I took a peek at the new iFly in Frisco (It’s real name is iFly Dallas for some reason!?!) It was awesome!


You enter the beautiful odd looking building to TV screens and a hi tech lobby area. There is where you book your flights and get details on pricing etc.

Here are the current flight packages:

• Earn your Wings – $59.95 – 1 Flyer takes 2 Flights

• Spread Your Wings – $109.95 – 1 Flyer takes 4 Flights

• Spread Your Wings for 2 – $129.95 – 2 Flyers 2 Flights Each and a Video

• Family Pack – (5 Flyer Max) – $269.95 – 5 Flyers 2 Flights Each and a Video

Yes, it’s pricy but where else can you float in a tube in Frisco?!?


Then you venture up stairs or an elevator to the viewing deck where there are small couches and it’s where all the flyers enter the tube. Then from there an iFly instructor takes flyers one at a time and teaches the technique. It’s simple easy and fun!


I love it and will be doing it!

Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

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