TOMORROW: Richwoods Heights in Frisco to Open Holds for Phase 18 – Landon Homes


Richwoods Heights Phase 18 will be open tomorrow for holds at $2,500 for a Landon Home. These lots will be inside the ring road and be built by Landon Homes and Toll Brothers Homes.


ONLY Landon Homes will take holds for $2,500 and then they will call buyers accordingly to come in to the model, pick a lot and sign a contract. This will not guarantee you a lot.


Landon plans to build the same plans and possibly a couple more that they built in Richwoods Glen and Richwoods Meadows. They have not released pricing of the homes or the lot premiums on the lots. They actually are in the process right now of splitting up the lots between Landon and Toll Brothers.


Landon will also not release all of their lots in this phase to sell in the beginning. They will released 8 or 9 only and then wait until those are sold before the next group will be released.

There is only 55 lots in Phase 18 and from what I can gather, Landon and Toll Brothers will split the 55 as even as possible.


I am very excited about this phase because these lots will be very unique compared to the first couple sections. After looking at these Richwoods Heights lots, they developed them to create more character in this section. There really isn’t a “standard” size lot but looks like it’s 74 up to 102 on the fronts. Depth is mainly around 120-125 feet deep. There will also be the park to consider with 10 Lots that have a view.


And in the other sections, Toll Brothers had 25% or less of the lots where here they will be 50/50!

Call or Text me today at (469) 733-2723 if you have any other questions regarding Landon or Toll Brothers in Richwoods Heights.

Landon’s $2,500 Hold is fully refundable if no lots fit your needs when you get to the model and select a lot. It’s all about timing and here is the time if you are looking to build one of the popular Yorkshire, Manchester, Buckingham or Windsor with Landon.

“And remember that I will give a $10,000 Rebate to my clients that purchase a Landon Home (Landon Homes only allows 2% of the base price, lot price, elevation and structural options to be given to buyers as a rebate on the contract) in Richwoods Heights for this Pre-Grand Opening for the section!”

I live here and know the Richwoods builders better than anyone, especially their bottom lines and additional incentives.


Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

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