K Hovnanian Homes (KOHV) at Richwoods in Frisco taking Lot Holds on Phase 22 TODAY!

Only a month ago, it was thought that K Hovnanian Homes (KHOV) at Richwoods in Frisco was down to their last homes to ever be built there, but things change daily in real estate. 

K Hovnanian has been given 25 lots to sell in the newest Phase 22. KHOV has started to take lots holds just 2 days ago and already have 7 Lot Holds on these new lots! A lot hold consists of $500. 

Considering the high demand of new lots, I am almost 100% sure both th e developer and builder will increase prices since there has not been an increase in almost 2 months! The prices for the plans are currently below. 

The one big opportunity for buyers is the remaining 2 inventory homes in the previous phase which are in different stages of development. The plans are the Timberglen and the Oakview 3.  See below:

With K Hovnanians President Sale going on, I can absolutely get you a bottom line price on either of these two homes. I could get you to around $585,000 and $575,000 on these houses. 

And here is the big advantage! 

In phase 22, the minimum I am guessing of the prices going up will be $20,000 on just the base price! Not including lot premiums or elevation costs. 

So buying one of these inventory homes will put you at around a $30,000 advantage considering the equity!

Regardless, if any of my clients choose a lot hold on a Phase 22 or have already chosen to hold a lot, not only will I negotiate you the bottom line price but will offer you the highest rebate from a broker at also around $22,500 that you can use toward additional upgrades, closing costs or to reduce the price! 

Call or Text Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723 for more information on K Hovnanian Home at Richwoods in Frisco or any other new home community in the area. 

Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

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