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Landon Homes at Richwoods Crossing in Frisco has only 7 opportunities left in Phase 22. 

  Landon Homes at Richwoods Crossing in Frisco has only 7 opportunities left in Phase 22. 

Since the release of their new model, Landon Homes Eastwood Floorplan, and the release of the new Phase 26 Richwoods Haven 36 of the 41 lots, sales have been just going crazy! 


The advantage of booking a lot in Phase 22 is you will get additional discounts. Landon is ready to close that phase out and move on to 8 remain no available lots in Richwoods Haven and another additional 5 lots when the city releases them. 

K Hovnanian has only 4 inventory homes available left in not only Phase 22, but in Richwoods forever! 


K Hovnanian Homes, currently do not plan to be given the opportunity to pick up any more lots from the developer, but we shall see! 


For more on Landon Homes in Richwoods Crossing or Richwoods Haven, text or call Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723. 

And do not forget to ask Brad how he saves his clients thousands with Landon Homes on negotiations and buyer rebates! 


K Hovnanian (KHOV) Homes at Richwoods in Frisco OPENS Phase 22 TODAY!!

  K Hovnanian (KHOV) Homes at Richwoods in Frisco OPENS sales TODAY in Phase 22!

Of the 25 lots, there are over 20 lot holds and Kim and Moira with K Hovnanian Homes will be calling the holds and asking to set an appointment to write a contract. 

Each hold has 48 hours to respond and set up a meeting to sign the contract then they will go to the next hold if there is many. This works very well for KHOV and makes it a much easier process for everyone. 

If you are one of the lot holds and plan to sign a contract, know that I give the highest rebates at Richwoods in Frisco and will make sure you do not leave money on the table in the negotiations. 

As your representation, I not only live in Richwoods and will be your neighbor, but have 12 years of experience in the building of new construction and will attend your walk through to resolve any issues that arise. 

Text or call me today at (469) 733-2723 if you plan to sign a contract with (KHOV) K Hovnanian Homes at Richwoods in Frisco. 

 Or if you are interested in a specific lot, I have asked K Hovnanian to let me know if a North or East facing lot becomes available! 

 Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

K Hovnanian Homes (KOHV) at Richwoods in Frisco taking Lot Holds on Phase 22 TODAY!

Only a month ago, it was thought that K Hovnanian Homes (KHOV) at Richwoods in Frisco was down to their last homes to ever be built there, but things change daily in real estate. 

K Hovnanian has been given 25 lots to sell in the newest Phase 22. KHOV has started to take lots holds just 2 days ago and already have 7 Lot Holds on these new lots! A lot hold consists of $500. 

Considering the high demand of new lots, I am almost 100% sure both th e developer and builder will increase prices since there has not been an increase in almost 2 months! The prices for the plans are currently below. 

The one big opportunity for buyers is the remaining 2 inventory homes in the previous phase which are in different stages of development. The plans are the Timberglen and the Oakview 3.  See below:

With K Hovnanians President Sale going on, I can absolutely get you a bottom line price on either of these two homes. I could get you to around $585,000 and $575,000 on these houses. 

And here is the big advantage! 

In phase 22, the minimum I am guessing of the prices going up will be $20,000 on just the base price! Not including lot premiums or elevation costs. 

So buying one of these inventory homes will put you at around a $30,000 advantage considering the equity!

Regardless, if any of my clients choose a lot hold on a Phase 22 or have already chosen to hold a lot, not only will I negotiate you the bottom line price but will offer you the highest rebate from a broker at also around $22,500 that you can use toward additional upgrades, closing costs or to reduce the price! 

Call or Text Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723 for more information on K Hovnanian Home at Richwoods in Frisco or any other new home community in the area. 

Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

K Hovnanian Homes at Richwoods in Frisco released Phase 17 Lots Today For Contracts!


K Hovnanian Homes at Richwoods in Frisco released Phase 17 for Contracts this weekend! This will open up two streets named Five Bar Drive and Avanti Drive.


There has been 11 Lot Holds already and back up holds on some of those lots. A lot of anticipation for this new section.


And with the new lots, come a new price. Prices rose $5,000 on base price and some of the deeper lots have additional lot premiums up to $15,000. Which I feel is very fair considering the depth of the lot ranging up to 130!


These K Hovnanian lots have not been released by the city yet, so the delivery is up in the air. But my best guess would be a completion in May or June.


“For more on K Hovnanian Homes at Richwoods in Frisco regarding phase 17 new lots, text or call Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723.”

“And don’t forget to ask me about how my $21,500 Rebate for new clients that have a hold on these lots or plan to purchase a lot from K Hovnanian Homes in Phase 17! That’s an additional $21,500 to use on top of the builders incentive AND what I can get you negotiated at contract!”

Call or text me today!

Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

K Hovnanian at Richwoods Crossing in Frisco Opens their Lots Tomorrow!


K Hovnanian at Richwoods in Frisco has released all of their lots for Phase 16! They have a total of 20 Lots to sell now and the base prices for the homes did go up.


They are still offering their incredible plans that they offered in Richwoods Place like the Alden 3, Oakview 2, Timberglen, Westover and my personal favorite the Prestondale!


The buyers incentive will be set in the morning as they have already started setting appointments from the Lot Hold list that K Hovnanian has been taking for the past two months. There was a total of 38 Lot Holds so if you are lucky enough to be on that list, you might be getting a call to come in and write a contract.


It is always an advantage to get in when lots open to be able to cherry pick your dream lot.

“I will be offering the highest rebate to my clients that contract on a K Hovnanian this weekend and will make sure that they do not leave ANY money on the table. So if you are writing a contract this weekend be sure to text me or give me a call before you go in to receive not only the highest rebate availab but also use my relationship with K Hovnanian to not leave ANY money on the table.”

This is where I Excel as being a Broker!!!


Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

Richwoods Place & Richwoods Corners in Frisco 2013 Market Report for K Hovnanian Homes and Landon Homes


Richwoods Place in Frisco has a total of 200 Lots. Two builders that build here are: K Hovnanian Homes and Landon Homes. A standard size lot is 64 feet wide by 115 feet deep. The next section to be released and have this same product will be called Richwoods Crossing and is planned to open in the next 60 days.

The Richwoods Place Market Report below (ending December 31st, 2013) consists of each builders number of lots, closed homes, sold homes, available lots and inventory homes. For additional prices of sales or any questions text or call Brad Holden at (469) 733-2723.


K Hovnanian Homes

• 66 Total Lots
• 54 CLOSED Homes
• 60 SOLD Homes
• 3 Inventory Homes
• 3 Available Lots


Landon Homes

• 134 Total Lots
• 97 CLOSED Homes
• 125 SOLD Homes
• 3 Inventory Homes
• 6 Available Lots

Totals up to December 31st, 2013:

• 200 Total Lots
• 151 CLOSED Homes
• 185 SOLD Homes
• 6 Inventory Homes
• 9 Available Lots

The Richwoods Corners Market Report below (ending December 31st, 2013) consists of each builders number of lots, closed homes, sold homes, available lots and inventory homes. For additional prices of sales or any questions text or call Brad Holden at (469) 733-2723.


Landon Homes

• 23 Total Lots
• 19 CLOSED Homes
• 12 SOLD Homes
• 0 Inventory Homes
• 4 Available Lots

Totals up to December 31st, 2013:

• 23 Total Lots
• 19 CLOSED Homes
• 12 SOLD Homes
• 0 Inventory Homes
• 4 Available Lots

In Summary:

In December of 2011, I met with Max Luce the salesperson for Landon Homes in Richwoods Place at another community model home where he Sold. We reviewed the pricing and lots the first day they were released and prices started with a one story plan at 2,800 feet for $330,000. We had no idea that Richwoods would turn into the #1 Community in DFW!

Richwoods Place is situated outside the ring road to the North and to the East of the development on the outer border.

K Hovnanian Homes and Landon Homes plan to take their same product to a new section of lots which has been named Richwoods Corners. These lots plan to be released late this month or in February 2014.

For Richwoods Corners, the Place product was taken directly South of the main entrance and Vandeventer Middle School. Normally developers leave these lots until the end of the development, but all the buyers that purchased there have the Best location to the Amenity Center.

Landon Homes and K Hovnanian Homes will be selling the new Richwoods Crossing in the next 60 days. K Hovnanian is already taking $500 deposits on a first right of refusal basis when the new lots open up. Pricing will most likely be higher but who knows how much.

It’s very confusing to explain the different sections so if you want more clarification give me a call.


“For more on Richwoods Landing, the builders, current incentives, available lots or my Rebate Program for my clients, text or call me at (469) 733-2723.”

Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

Newcastle Homes in Richwoods is the “sleeper”

Newcastle Homes Model in Frisco

Newcastle brings the luxury feel with a Texas look.

When I speak to a completely new buyer about Richwoods, there are the same questions asked that I feel I have perfected the answers:

  1. Who are the builders?
  2. What are the prices?
  3. What are the Lot sizes?
  4. Who gives the best incentives/deals?

And so on . . .

The most important question is the one that is never asked, “Who is the best builder?”

Now, promoting Richwoods in general, it is my job to give information regarding all of the builders as the same and all are the best right? WRONG!

I am a critic too, just like anyone that walks into a house for the first time.  Either it WOWs you or it Confuses you about certain aspects and features that just don’t seem right.  Long story short, there is a difference.

Landon and K Hovnanian are Production builders, and Toll Brothers in borderline.  These three are at the top of their field when it comes to volume and building a great home.  Toll will make more changes, where Landon will, but not as many.  Same with KHOV, they will make changes but not as many as Toll.  Toll is thousands higher in price, but will allow changes.  KHOV is higher than Landon, but includes a little more standard and will do a couple more changes.  And I can go on and on and on and on . . .


Newcastle Kitchen

The Newcastle Kitchen mixes modern with a Texas feel.

Newcastle Home in Richwoods is the ONLY “True” Custom Builder currently.  Yes, the other three are semi-custom, but you can have whatever you like with Newcastle!  This reason and the fact that many do not know who Newcastle is, are my main reasons they are going to start selling a tremendous amount of homes in the next couple months.

The model that they currently have under construction will blow people’s minds with the couple unique features that you will have to see in the next 45 days.

Not only that, but you also have the attention of one of the owners, Robert Jones, throughout the process and he looks at every home he builds as if it were his own.  They make a point to make your home something you are proud of and shows your tastes and personality.

The other huge pluses about Newcastle are they look at traffic patterns and position room in plans that makes sense.  They maximize the window space for the most natural lighting and use staircases for not only convenience but privacy as well.

Newcastle isn’t for everyone, but if you like the better things in life and are looking for a new home, be prepared the first time you walk into a Newcastle home because it will be love at first sight!

The Newcastle Porte-Cochere

Currently, Newcastle is the only builder offering a Porte-Cochere in Richwoods.

For more info on Newcastle in Frisco and their plans and pricing click the link or call Brad Holden directly at (469) 733-2723.