K Hovnanian (KHOV) Homes at Richwoods in Frisco OPENS Phase 22 TODAY!!

  K Hovnanian (KHOV) Homes at Richwoods in Frisco OPENS sales TODAY in Phase 22!

Of the 25 lots, there are over 20 lot holds and Kim and Moira with K Hovnanian Homes will be calling the holds and asking to set an appointment to write a contract. 

Each hold has 48 hours to respond and set up a meeting to sign the contract then they will go to the next hold if there is many. This works very well for KHOV and makes it a much easier process for everyone. 

If you are one of the lot holds and plan to sign a contract, know that I give the highest rebates at Richwoods in Frisco and will make sure you do not leave money on the table in the negotiations. 

As your representation, I not only live in Richwoods and will be your neighbor, but have 12 years of experience in the building of new construction and will attend your walk through to resolve any issues that arise. 

Text or call me today at (469) 733-2723 if you plan to sign a contract with (KHOV) K Hovnanian Homes at Richwoods in Frisco. 

 Or if you are interested in a specific lot, I have asked K Hovnanian to let me know if a North or East facing lot becomes available! 

 Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

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