UpdateFrisco.com predicts Jeff Cheney for Mayor of Frisco

Jeff Cheney

Jeff Cheney will be the new Mayor of Frisco

Jeff Cheney and I had a talk about his run for Mayor of Frisco a couple months back. It was the early stages so I did ask him some specific questions like an interview, but it just felt like he was chatting with me as a buddy, and not giving the standard answers. That impressed me. 

He has been involved in Frisco now for such a long time, his 9 year term is up on the council! That’s a long time being around the City and being able to help decide what makes sense. 

Has raised his family here in Frisco and coached little league teams through the years. His kiddos are in the schools here. Jeff just really knows Frisco! 

He’s also a Real Estate Broker, just like myself. I know first hand the main reason why he is the best canidate is he meets with new buyers all the time. They can be relos or just buyer that want to move from the West to the East side of Frisco.  
When you meet new home buyers, who would like to find a place where they will call their dream home, they are also explaining to you what they want in a city by expressing their different opinions. 

This alone should be why the City Of Frisco chooses Jeff Cheney for Mayor! 

Jeff has a team that he has been able to build and manage along with his important responsibilities with the city on not only real estate, but his other business ventures. 

Did we go to the other candidate the Bob Allen party on Brinkmann Ranch? Of course we did! 

I have a 8 year old and 4 year old. They both loved the kids activities and the cookies. I spoke to the current Mayor Maso and let the kiddos play and sat back to see what Bob Allen was all about. 

I introduced myself to Bob and he was nice and spoke to my 4 year old. Watching the reactions and discussions around really didn’t show me how Bob would be a better leader than Jeff. 

We also “checked in” At the beginning and I was shocked that they didn’t even ask me if I would vote for Bob! Weird. 

Frisco Texas

Jax Holden sports the Frisco tattoo on his face from Mayor Maso.

We left Bobs event and either ran an errand or went out to eat, then went home. 

As we got out of the car, I looked up and Jeff Cheney was at my house delivering me the sign I requested. You can just tell Jeff has what it takes when you are around him to continue to make Frisco shine! 

Jeff Cheney Sign

I am on my THIRD Jeff Cheney Sign from my yard, so here is one on Main.

Jeff Cheney Sign

The Second Jeff Cheney Sign is no where to be found.

We are on our 3rd Jeff Cheney Sign in my yard and that is another telling reason why the Jeff Cheney camp will do things right.  I wonder if any of the Bob signs have been taken🤔?

Jeff has the City Council on his side for the Vote. I mean, just think about that! 

Jeff has a larger/younger demographic supporting him then Bob. Jeff’s name is more visible to the new residents. And people have to see their polarizing positions. 

It can be argued that Bob’s older established Frisco demographic is more likely to show up at the polls, but Jeff’s demographic pool is so much larger to make up for that difference in voting participation IMHO.  Plus Jeff has more full timers in Frisco Lakes supporters than you would expect! 

My biggest issue with Bob is that he works for FISD, and that presents a strong conflict of interest, since almost 20% of city votes affect the school district in someway. 

We have a reason to separate the schools and the city from a governance perspective. With the exception of Maher Maso, everyone on city council supports Jeff, would prefer to work with him than Bob. 

And virtually everyone on the city boards and committees do not want to work with Bob, (I have heard) but do want to work with Jeff.

The council people and city Board volunteers and they will strongly influence hundreds of other voters in Frisco to vote for Jeff.

 I do think it will be a fairly close race, but I’m giving the benefit of the margin to Jeff in this one! 

I did have corespondense with Bob asking him why he is a better candidate for Mayor. See below. 

I respect his response and it really makes sense in a way. Good job Bob!!!

A Person promoting both candidates in Richwoods in Frisco. SO DUMB!

Another very important reason to vote Cheneys way is the development North of Frisco is really going to make Frisco what it is. 

The fact that not only Jeff has been around seeing the progress within the city, AND knowing that the commercial sides of the Tollroad all the way up to 380 is CRUCIAL! 

Jeff has the knowledge and experience help build the North Section of Frisco. 

Also, many people are under the impression that Bob has all the older vote, including all of Frisco Lakes. But people will be surprised at the following Jeff has at Frisco Lakes from selling homes. 

The Brinkmann get together that Bob had is also a little strange to me since Brinkmann is the largest land owner in the city and has been selling off tracts to home builders like Landon Development. (Mr. Brinkmann might be trying to get some help on his zoning or something🤔? Or maybe not.) 

Jeff is my vote. He younger and understands what it takes. Go Vote for Cheney TODAY to make Frisco a better place! #choosecheney

Holden Family Frisco

My beautiful family Missy, Jake and Jax.


One thought on “UpdateFrisco.com predicts Jeff Cheney for Mayor of Frisco

  1. Brad, I have been working the polls for Jeff all week and he is terribly worried about the vote totals. He thinks he needs about 15k to vote and thinks there will only be about 12k (only 3k have voted citywide thru Wednesday’s posting). What do you think? Also, which of the polling stations favor Jeff and which favor Allen, and the % each gets from each polling place, if you know. If you have any clues to the above, I would appreciate your input in formulating a strategy going forward.

    Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

    Jeff Cheney Sr
    214 995-9900

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