Review: Cole Beasley of the Dallas Cowboys Release Party at Lava Cantina

Cole Beasley Release Party at Lava Cantina

Last Saturday, Cole Beasley wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys hosted a public album release party at Lava Cantina in The Colony for his album titled The Autobiography.The Autobiography Cole BeasleyToo say Cole has Cowboys support is extremely an understatement!

7:35pm – I made way upstairs the stunning two story entry consisting of a large mural of long chains and artists on my right and was greeted by security and a metal detector at the top. I have been to Lava Cantina many times before and knew that it’s about to get real!

The rooftop was buzzing with the Cowboys DJSC on the ones and twos! I stopped to take a look and chat with a manager of Lava Cantina before finding my buddies and our table. I first noticed a 6 foot 4 beast of a guy named Travis Frederick in line for a tasty beverage. But honestly, the place was already packed! The entire rooftop was filled with almost the full roster along with “a sweet 16 girls birthday party” (the luckiest 16 year old on the planet due to Coles Release party falling on the exact date they planned almost two months ago!) They were all freaking out with selfies and instas and snaps.

Already in their spots at a couple tables I initially spotted former Cowboys Mo Claibourne and Brandon Carr. Nearby were some of the big guys Joe Looney, Chaz Green and Travis Frederick.

Beside the tables standing Rod Smith, Jeff Heath, Alfred Morris and Ezekiel Elliott were discussing it looks like, Zekes nose ring.

8:15pm – The sun set and we heard drumming like from a drum line coming from the stage. It turned out to be the Colony High School Marching Band that walked on stage to get the crowd roaring! Ben and Skin and Jeff Cavanaugh from 105.3 the Fan grabbed the mic to introduce Cole Beasley and his producer Victor “Phazz” Clark. He spoke about how they have formed Cold Nations Records and were blown away by the turnout!”

The owner of Lava Cantina Ian Vaughn was also on the stage giving out some cool light up styrofoam sticks which was a very nice touch!

Cole Beasley Release Party

#11 said that he was going to start playing his album and appreciate all the love and support his family, friends and fans have been pouring on him in his rap game journey.

8:30 – De$tani – the up and coming 16 year old singer that is on a couple of Coles tracks sang two songs to show her vocal skills.

After that the party went right back up to the rooftop. More players arrived like Terrance Williams, Jourdan Louis, Rod Smith, David Irving, Cooper Rush, Kavon Frazier, Anthony Brown to smile and hug the Sauce.

I have known Alfred Morris for a while and I was pleading him to stay here to play for the Cowboys but he just really wants to play, he said! I also told him that his family’s part on All or Nothing was really edited well and his wife said that they haven’t even watched it but have been hearing that a lot!

There was a FC Dallas game earlier against LA Galaxy so I’m sure Dak Prescott wanted FC Dallas to pull out the victory 3-2.

#CowboysNation listen up: This event gives me a very good idea of how tight knit this team is which is needed to succeed in the NFL. You can tell they enjoy each others company. T – Will is ready to come out and ball out this next season. All smiles, all night.

11:15pm – I look up at Roosevelt (Jerry Jones security guard) and he is leading someone in. Other than Jerry, who else would Rosie really need to be helping get through the crowd? He goes by the name of Desmond Bryant!

Dez came in the only way he knows how, with that big smile and hugs to everyone. What a true friend in the strangest situation he is in, to show up and support his boy! Big Props for that Dez!!!

Even his team is pushing his product all over the world for him!

Overall, the Cole Beasley Release Party at Lava Cantina was a very memorable night for Cole, his family and every bit of CowboysNation.

He handles himself well and made the best effort to talk to everyone on his new journey. He has a family and kids and I have heard he’s a pretty good dad. Cole, you threw a great release that everyone will remember. It was a perfect venue at Lava Cantina . And as always, made it a little saucy.

Cole and Roosevelt were chatting close by so I asked them,Hey, when is Jerry showing up? Should I be looking up for his chopper?And they both looked, smiled and Cole immediately answered, “Nah, Jerry isn’t going to show up tonight!”

I settled my bill and turned around to the sack leader DeMarcus Lawrence walking right at me. He gave me the bro hug and asked where Beasley was, I told him around this corner in the big chair with Dez.

Towards the end of the night Cole had an entourage of three SUVs pick them up and the security was every which way you looked. Very, very well done Lava Cantina and Dallas Cowboys!


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