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BREAKING NEWS: Baxter Brinkmann of Brinkmann Ranch in Frisco FINALLY sells his first tract of land to Landon Development!


It’s confirmed, Baxter Brinkmann of Frisco, who owns over 5,500 acres in Collin County has FINALLY sold his first tract of land to Landon Development at the corner of Eldorado and Coit!


The land is 182.4479 Acres and has been assessed at $20,705,637 by Collin County as its value in 2014. The purchase price for the land is undisclosed, but I’m pretty sure it’s more than that!

Landon Development began their first development in 2012 with RICHWOODS in Frisco off of Independence and Rolater. They really knocked it out of the Park with Richwoods considering it was the #1 selling development in the nation last year!!!


RICHWOODS in Frisco is a 500 Acre development that was originally planned for 1,600 homes. That number will rise to around 1,700 homes or more because of a smaller product that was introduced after the development started.


Now back to Brinkmann Ranch. This piece of land has a lot of history, but most notably, as the site where the first 5 episodes of the famous show “Dallas” were filmed in 1978, until the original house burned down.

Baxter Brinkmann is the CEO of the Brinkmann Corporation, maker of Outdoor Grills, flashlights, many other consumer and industrial products, and the owner of Brinkmann Ranch. The Brinkmann Corporation brings in well over $125 million in annual sales.


On the new land, plans are for the 182.4479 acres to be a GATED COMMUNITY! This will be the 2nd gated community for Landon Development in Frisco.


On the preliminary plat, plans are for 704 homes and two entrances. One entrance off of Coit and the other off of Eldorado. Sales should begin at the beginning of 2016 or possibly a little later.


Thank you Baxter Brinkmann for finally allowing the exceptional growth of Frisco to continue with a great location and great visionaries in Landon Development. I’m sure they will make another outstanding development here in Frisco.


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Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

Is Brinkmann Ranch in Frisco Finally about to sell off their land?


Between Main and Eldorado and also Preston and Custer, 3,500 acres of prime land sits and is about to start development!

Brinkmann Ranch is owned by Jim Brinkmann of the very well known backyard grills. He has sat, and sat, and sat on this land until the right time, and boy did he time it right.


He announced at a Frisco City Council Meeting that as soon as Main is converted into 6 lanes from Preston to Independence that he would start entertaining offers.

I. CAN’T. WAIT!!!!


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Brinkmann Ranch in Frisco Coming Soon!


The widening of Main is moving along quickly between Preston and Independence in Frisco.

This former 2 lane country road will be a 6 lane thoroughfare when construction is done. And that is great news for Frisco home buyers.

Why? Here’s why.

Brinkmann Ranch is a very important part of Frisco and the owner has held on to the land (approximately 3,500 acres). His plan is to start selling off his land when the road is completed.

We will see if that happens.


Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker