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Landon Homes at Lexington in Frisco closing out of Phase 10!

Landon Homes at Lexington in Frisco is easily the fastest selling phase and community in Frisco in the past couple months.

The combination of lower sales price and location of phase 10 near Main is the reason why. Landon currently has 2 homes that are available for move in today one at 9395 Forward Pass and 13234 Tabasco Cat Trail.

They have also started selling phase 9 with about 39 lots still available. Many have not been released yet.

Lexington being gated, the location and luxury builders like Shaddock and Toll Brothers have made this product sell like hot cakes.

For more on Lexington and Landon Homes in Frisco available lots or inventory, text or call Brad Holden today at (469)733-2723. Don’t forget to ask about how I can negotiate a better deal!

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Landon Homes at Lexington Country in Frisco Opens the “primo” lots off Main with a gate!

The Impression Series from Landon Homes at Lexington Country in Frisco has opened what I feel are the best located lots within Lexington.

There are three gates to Lexington, but I would say almost 95% of every homeowner that leaves out of the West main gate, takes a left on Coit. If I’m anywhere close on that percentage, taking a one to two minute drive and be on Main is ideal!

The Impression Series by Landon Homes really is your best value to live in Lexington Country.

They add a ton of extras that are already included in the price, AND they don’t over-inflate the sales price leaving room for negotiations.

You can get around a 3,400 square foot house for around the $470’s. But with my rebate it would be in the $460’s!

Landon Homes has already sold 68. They also have currently 14 inventory homes that range completion from ready now to end of March of 2019.

For being able to buy in Lexington, a gated community, in the mid $400’s in 2018 is an incredible feat!

For more on Lexington Country and Landon Homes in their Impression Series, text or call Brad Holden today at (469)733-2723.


Landon Homes at Richwoods Crossing in Frisco has only 7 opportunities left in Phase 22. 

  Landon Homes at Richwoods Crossing in Frisco has only 7 opportunities left in Phase 22. 

Since the release of their new model, Landon Homes Eastwood Floorplan, and the release of the new Phase 26 Richwoods Haven 36 of the 41 lots, sales have been just going crazy! 


The advantage of booking a lot in Phase 22 is you will get additional discounts. Landon is ready to close that phase out and move on to 8 remain no available lots in Richwoods Haven and another additional 5 lots when the city releases them. 

K Hovnanian has only 4 inventory homes available left in not only Phase 22, but in Richwoods forever! 


K Hovnanian Homes, currently do not plan to be given the opportunity to pick up any more lots from the developer, but we shall see! 


For more on Landon Homes in Richwoods Crossing or Richwoods Haven, text or call Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723. 

And do not forget to ask Brad how he saves his clients thousands with Landon Homes on negotiations and buyer rebates! 


Landon Homes at Richwoods in Frisco raises prices $34,000 in Phase 22! 

  The real estate market in Frisco is out of control! 

Landon Homes at Richwoods in Frisco on the 64 foot wide lots opened Phase 22 a little over a month ago on May 10th. And pricing from the phase before raised $34,000! ( No Typo)

Phase 22 has a total of 95 lots. Landon will have 70 and K Hovnanian Homes (KHOV) will have the remaining 25. 

  Landon has already contracted 35 of the 70 in just one month! The demand in Frisco, especially Richwoods, is out of control. 

K Hovnanian Homes plan to release their pricing and available lots for contract in a week or so. 19 of the 25 lots already have lot holds! 

Text or call Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723 for the best rebate on any new home in Phase 22 at Richwoods. I can also help negotiate and confirm that you are getting either Landon or K Hovnanian Homes bottom dollar. 


I also live here in Richwoods, so I can answer pretty much any question you might have about the builders, schools or amenities. 

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BREAKING NEWS: Baxter Brinkmann of Brinkmann Ranch in Frisco FINALLY sells his first tract of land to Landon Development!


It’s confirmed, Baxter Brinkmann of Frisco, who owns over 5,500 acres in Collin County has FINALLY sold his first tract of land to Landon Development at the corner of Eldorado and Coit!


The land is 182.4479 Acres and has been assessed at $20,705,637 by Collin County as its value in 2014. The purchase price for the land is undisclosed, but I’m pretty sure it’s more than that!

Landon Development began their first development in 2012 with RICHWOODS in Frisco off of Independence and Rolater. They really knocked it out of the Park with Richwoods considering it was the #1 selling development in the nation last year!!!


RICHWOODS in Frisco is a 500 Acre development that was originally planned for 1,600 homes. That number will rise to around 1,700 homes or more because of a smaller product that was introduced after the development started.


Now back to Brinkmann Ranch. This piece of land has a lot of history, but most notably, as the site where the first 5 episodes of the famous show “Dallas” were filmed in 1978, until the original house burned down.

Baxter Brinkmann is the CEO of the Brinkmann Corporation, maker of Outdoor Grills, flashlights, many other consumer and industrial products, and the owner of Brinkmann Ranch. The Brinkmann Corporation brings in well over $125 million in annual sales.


On the new land, plans are for the 182.4479 acres to be a GATED COMMUNITY! This will be the 2nd gated community for Landon Development in Frisco.


On the preliminary plat, plans are for 704 homes and two entrances. One entrance off of Coit and the other off of Eldorado. Sales should begin at the beginning of 2016 or possibly a little later.


Thank you Baxter Brinkmann for finally allowing the exceptional growth of Frisco to continue with a great location and great visionaries in Landon Development. I’m sure they will make another outstanding development here in Frisco.


For more info regarding this new community or any other update on a new home in Frisco, text or call Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723.

Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

Premium Tree Lots to be released TOMORROW at Richwoods in Frisco by John Landon Signature Series Homes!

If you are looking for a very unique backyard in a great neighborhood with existing trees, here you go!


Ideally located on the South Side of Richwoods in the Landing and behind the K Hovnanian Model and the Landon Homes Richwoods Place Model there are 4 lots.


They are unique in a couple of ways. First, they are oversized by both width and extremely for depth for Richwoods Landing. A normal Standard Lot in this section is 84 Wide by 125 Deep. These lots range from 85 foot wide up to close to 100 foot wide on some of the lots!


The Depth of the lots will also range from 135 to 160! They are absolutely stunning lots. The second unique feature is the backyard. Only two of the John Landon Signature Series plans, the 903 and 905, fit on the lots due to the backyard being approximately 4 feet to 6 feet below.


There will be a very well done set of stairs that you can walk down to get to the backyard.


They are amazing and I am pretty sure they will be sold quickly. Landon Signature is putting a $35,000 premium on the lots but I feel that is low for what you are receiving.

Below is one of the Lot Fits that Landon has for only one of the lots!!! Wow!


A mature tree lot at Richwoods in Frisco, WOW! That will not happen anytime soon for a new build in Frisco.


Call or Text Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723 for more info on the lots or about my 4% Total Rebate on any Landon Home by the end of 2013.

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Landon Homes at Richwoods in Frisco to increase Prices $10,000 on January 1st!


While gathering sales for my Richwoods report, I wanted to let you know that Landon Homes on Richwoods Hollow is raises prices $10,000 for the new year.

This is the norm for builders this time of year, but $10,000 is pretty steep from one day to the next.

So if you are considering Richwoods Hollow make sure you lock in the lower price for 2013.


Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker