Darling Homes sells 5 just this weekend at Lawler Park in Frisco


Darling Homes at Lawler Park has sold 5 homes just this weekend!

With the opening of the new phase and the prices still relatively low for the location to where they will end up and factor in the interest rates, the time to buy a house is now.


I was at a contract meeting with Sia Mianab the salesperson with Darling in Lawler Park and he was really putting a great perspective on what is happening right now in this crazy market.

While negotiating for the best deal, he was “trying to” keep the prices down with his corporate. He mentioned that he has over 7 appointments today and tomorrow that were waiting on this second phase and he mentioned his corporate was limiting him on how many homes he is allowed to sell per month. Wow!


Not to mention that his new front entry plans like the one above ate absolutely amazing!!!! I haven’t seen a plan that works that well on these 65 foot wide lot size. This plan is around 3,800 square feet and the base price is $447,990.


If you are looking for a new home and want the best deal and best rebate as well on your purchase, call Brad Holden today to discuss where you are at in the process. Prices are only going up.

“And ask me about my 4% Total Rebate that I can extend to my clients that purchase in Richwoods or Lawler Park in Frisco this month.”


Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

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