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The Reserve at Lawler Park in Frisco shows Strong sales by both Darling and Highland Homes in their Final Phase


Since September of 2014, Darling Homes and Highland Homes have SOLD 46 homes in the Final Phase of the Preserve at Lawler Park in Frisco!


Not shockingly though. This is 2015 in Frisco, Texas.

Lawler Park, Richwoods, Phillips Creek Ranch and a couple other new developments in Frisco have been out of control with both sales on new builds and spec homes.


The third phase of Lawler Park called the Reserve does by far have the best lots tucked in the back Northern portion of the community between huge beautiful mature trees with a walking trail leading to one of Frisco’s beautiful parks.


There are some great lot opportunities still available by both Darling and Highland Homes. The current buyers incentives (as of today) are Darling has $20,000 for design upgrades and Highland has 5% of the total price. Incentives can change daily.


Lawler Park by far is one of my favorite opportunities in Frisco and still see it as a great option looking to capitalize on the location and amenities that Lawler Park has to offer.


If you are looking at purchasing a home at Lawler Park in Frisco text or call Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723 to learn how to recurve the highest cash back rebate in Frisco!


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Best Lot in Lawler Park Back on the Market with Darling Homes Model Spec Home ready End of March!


Wow, Wow. Wow! Best lot in Lawler Park is back on the market and INCREDIBLE!

Darling Homes sold the home as a build job with a buyer and it now has come back on the market. It is the Darling 7490-A. A 5 Bathroom 5 Bathroom and 3 Car Garage at 4,243 square feet.


It sits on a cul-de-sac with beautiful green belt on the side.


It also has the beautiful entry bridge right in front of the home as well. It includes a gourmet kitchen with Stainless Steele appliances and a 36 inch 5 burner cooktop.


Hardwoods throughout entry, down halls, kitchen, nook, dining room and family room. Sit down island as well. Upstairs has media and Gameroom. Cast stone mantle accent with vaulted ceilings in the family with cedar beams.


If you need a home soon or have any other additional questions regarding this beautiful Darling Home, text or call Brad Holden today at (469)733-2723.


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Darling Homes Model Home for sale at Lawler Park in Frisco


It feels like yesterday I was speaking to Sia Mianab the salesperson for Darling Homes waiting for this model to be complete. And now it’s for sale!?!

Darling Homes in The Arbors section of Lawler Park is almost SOLD OUT, so they are ready to sell the model.

For more info text or call me today for this East Facing model at (469)733-2723.


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Darling Homes in Lawler Park has 8 Specs that should be ready Very Soon

Darling Homes at Lawler Park is doing great! They have started 8 inventory homes that plan to be ready from now to March 2014!

One plans to be ready in December, One in January, 2 in February, 2 in March and 2 in April. Darling can finally start some new builds before they get contracted before completion.

My clients home in the video above have a fantastic lot backing to beautiful mature trees and on the other side is where construction is well underway on McSpedden Elementary.


For more info on Darling Homes in Lawler Park text or call Brad Holden at (469) 733-2723.

My 4% Total Rebate will only be available for Darling Homes until the end of 2013. Call me for more details.

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24 Total Specs (Inventory Homes) either released or planned by Darling Homes and Highland Homes at Lawler Park in Frisco!


It’s the word that has completely vanished from builders mouths lately here in Frisco, but it’s back!

“Specs” are coming and quickly! Due to the high demand of build jobs lately builders could not even start a “spec” before it was sold. But now Darling and Highland have 24 in different stages of construction in Lawler Park.


Only 1 is ready to move in today with many others on its heels. Here is a current update on both the Arbors Section and The Crossing section for Lawler Park regarding both Darling Homes and Highland Homes.


The Arbors

The standard size lots for the Arbors is 65 wide and 115 deep. There are a total of 145 lots for now. There are 11 specs being built here total between both Darling and Highland.


Darling Homes at The Arbors Update

Darling started selling the Arbors first and sold out of Phase 1 in record time! As of today they start at 2,363 square feet at $374,990. In Phase 2, they have already sold 14 and have 6 specs in the mix. 3 should be completed in December 2013 and the other 3 should reach completion in 2014 and they should start in November which is the plan.


Highland Homes at The Arbors

Highland starts at $385,990 for 2,156 square feet. They have a total of 5 specs planned.

They have their last lot in Phase 1 slated for a Spec which should be ready in October. In Phase 2, they have 4 Sold and 4 Specs to be ready in the January/February Timeframe.


The Crossing at Lawler Park Update


The standard size lots for the Crossing at Lawler Park is 75 wide and 125 deep. There are a total of 199 lots for now. The big news is the new Elementary School for FISD planned on the North side of Lawler Park, McSpedden Elementary (https://updatefrisco.com/2013/09/16/mcspedden-elementary-will-be-the-frisco-elementary-school-for-richwoods-and-lawler-park-in-the-fall-of-2014/) will be open for the 2014 school year!There are 13 specs being built here total between both Darling and Highland.


The home above is available to move in today by Darling Homes!!!

Darling Homes at The Crossing Update

Darling starts at $455,990 for 2,879 square feet. Currently in Phase 1 they have 4 Specs and that’s all. The one above and 2 completion dates in November and 1 in April of 2014.

In Phase 2 they have 6 specs that have plans to start in September.

Th one Spec that is very impressive to me is at 7615 Dotter. It is in a corner with large trees and a greenbelt on the backside! It is 5 bedroom and 5.5 Bath and 4,216 square feet.


Highland Homes in The Crossing Update

Highland starts at $506,990 for 3,035 square feet. They also have 1 lot left in phase 1 which they have specked out with a 5 bedroom, 4.5 bath home at 4,314 square feet planned for completion in November.

They have sold 6 homes in Phase 2 and have 2 other specs that are projected to be ready in February and April.


For more on Highland Homes or Darling Homes incentives or specials in Lawler Park, text or call Brad Holden today!

And don’t forget to ask him about his Rebate or BCS for his clients that purchase in Lawler Park in Frisco.


Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

Preston Trail at West Rowlett Creek Church in Frisco will significantly help values of Lawler Park

Preston Trails at West Rowlett Creek Church in Frisco is underway off of Independence between Rolater and Main Street in Frisco. The church will be 33.5 acres and directly over the treeline of Lawler Park and across from Liberty Crossing.


Preston Trails will help Lawler Park residents in a couple of ways.

The church fills a gap of land that was originally zoned single family homes and changed to allow for the church. The reason why this matters is the Taychas Trail.

Taychas Trail is a city hike and bike trail that has already been approved through the city of Frisco that will connect Bacchus Community Park to Independence Parkway. A portion of the trail will be on the church property due to it being in the flood plain.


If homes were built there, it might not have been approved depending on what the developer/builders planned for that section of the acreage.

The Church also takes away the chance of a low end builder come in and connect to the upper end quality builders Darling Homes and Highland Homes.

For more info on Lawler Park in Frisco call or text Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723.

“And just wait until I break the newest development news that will be underway in the beginning of 2014!”


Darling Homes sells 5 just this weekend at Lawler Park in Frisco


Darling Homes at Lawler Park has sold 5 homes just this weekend!

With the opening of the new phase and the prices still relatively low for the location to where they will end up and factor in the interest rates, the time to buy a house is now.


I was at a contract meeting with Sia Mianab the salesperson with Darling in Lawler Park and he was really putting a great perspective on what is happening right now in this crazy market.

While negotiating for the best deal, he was “trying to” keep the prices down with his corporate. He mentioned that he has over 7 appointments today and tomorrow that were waiting on this second phase and he mentioned his corporate was limiting him on how many homes he is allowed to sell per month. Wow!


Not to mention that his new front entry plans like the one above ate absolutely amazing!!!! I haven’t seen a plan that works that well on these 65 foot wide lot size. This plan is around 3,800 square feet and the base price is $447,990.


If you are looking for a new home and want the best deal and best rebate as well on your purchase, call Brad Holden today to discuss where you are at in the process. Prices are only going up.

“And ask me about my 4% Total Rebate that I can extend to my clients that purchase in Richwoods or Lawler Park in Frisco this month.”


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Darling Homes in Lawler Park in Frisco Opens new phases


Darling Homes in Lawler Park has just announced the opening of Phase 2 in both the Crossing and Arbors!

This has been a long time coming since they are down to their last available homes in phase 1.

In the Arbors, Darling has 34 available lots which 3 have been sold today and yesterday on an average lot size of 65 wide by 120 deep. A 2,300 square foot one-story starts at $369,990 all the way up to a 3,800 for $458,990.



There are some pretty incredible opportunities there with 6 of the lots backing to a beautiful tree line of mature trees.

On the Crossing side, Darling has 25 lots and Highland has the other 25. There are 15 pool lots that the builders will be offering after they sell the initial lots as well.

A standard crossing lot is 75 foot wide and 125 foot deep. There are a couple oversized lots that are even on a beautiful cul-de-sac.

Prices start at $455,990 for 2,800 square feet and go up to 4,000 square feet at $503,990.

Current incentives being offered in both sections is $27,000! This can change at any time.


For a play map or more info on Darling Homes or Highland Homes in Lawler Park, text or call Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723.

“And don’t forget to ask about his 4% Total Rebate for clients purchasing in Lawler Park.”

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First Home Closes in Lawler Park in Frisco


My clients, the Jackson’s, are officially the first home owners in Lawler Park in Frisco. They closed on a Darling Home and couldn’t be happier with the whole process, builder and sales staff.

This is the first of many this month and will continue for a long time now with the amount of homes that they are selling. Lawler Park has seen a tremendous jump in sales over the past couple months due to low interest rates, location, Frisco ISD and my 4% Total Rebate for my clients.


For more info on Lawler Park in Frisco call Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723.


Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

Darling Homes in Lawler Park sells 20


With my clients contract this morning with Darling Homes in Lawler Park, this puts Darling at 20 homes sold!!!

It is picking up extensively in Lawler Park and is very strange that in November there is this much activity in a new home community.

Sia Mianab is extremely excited with the sales and is very happy with the way things are going with everything in the neighborhood.

Next month, Darling Homes will raise the prices $8,000 at the first of next month due to the prices of lumber and land costs.

I will also be offering any of my clients that purchase a Darling Home by the end of this month a 4% Total Rebate to use for closing costs, additional upgrades or cash at closing.

Call Brad Holden at (469) 733-2723 for more info or mention to Sia that you would like to use me as your representative and you will be taken care of.

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