Regional Economic Impact of Dallas Cowboys move to Frisco in the Billions


The most important topic that was discussed at the Frisco City Councils Special Called Meeting on Monday Night was the Regional Economic Impact of the Dallas Cowboys moving to Frisco.

A chief economist was hired by the name of Elizabeth Morris, also CEO, for Insight Research Corporation to look into how the Dallas Cowboys mixed use development would impact the region.

“Insight Research Corporation has refined an economic analysis protocol to evaluate the detailed economic, employment and tax impacts of public and private capital investments, major projects and business site locations and expansions. Insight Research Corporation’s approach employs the methodologies of the US Bureau of Economic Analysis and the Bureau of Canadian Statistics, the “gold standards” of economic analysis in the United States and Canada respectively.”


She spoke at the meeting and her stats were alarming regarding the mixed use section which is 66% of the 91.645 acres, in a good great way!

Here are the details:

• This section alone will add around 400,000 square feet of new commercial space and 50,000 square feet of new restaurant space

• 2 Hotels plan to to be developed

• An addition of 4,500 jobs by full development in 12 years which is the year 2026

“The Economic Impact she projected was 23.4 Billion in 30 years!”

She also mentioned that the tax revenue alone will bring the city of Frisco 1.2 Billion in the next 30 years!


If she is even 20% right on her forecast and numbers, this deal MAKES the city of Frisco.

More of a reason to make the move to Frisco. Call or text Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723 for more information on the new home developments in Frisco today.


Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

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