Review of the Press Conference for Frisco and Dallas Cowboys Today with Jerry Jones


There it is! One beautiful sight in Frisco, Texas!

The Press Conference with Frisco, FISD and the Dallas Cowboys today at 11:00am was an event with nothing but positive vibes!


Around 10:40am the Dallas Cowboys bus rolled in with the beautiful 5 foot blue star on the side. And probably 2 minutes later both Stephen Jones and Jerry snuck around the front and climbed on board.

At 10:45am a line of Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders then followed and lined up on both sides of the door of the bus.


The crowd then waited until the Cowboy Royalty wanted to show their faces. In that time I spoke with many big wigs that were also there. Bill Darling of Darling Homes, Del Harris former Maverick Coach, Former Mayor of Frisco Mike Simpson, State Representatives, Former NFL Players and Rex Glendenning the broker that brokered the deal between the city and the Cowboys.


And at 11:04am they made there way out of the bus and to the podium under the tent in front of around 25 video cameras and 10 flashing picture cameras. And a loud cheer of excitement from the crowd.

Pics below of the Dallas Cowboys Press Conference in Frisco:








Main Points of the Deal:

• Projected completion with “footballs in the air” per Stephen Jones – Fall 2016

• FISD to pay 30 million for the Cowboys Stadium then the Cowboys will pay the rest

• FISD uses indoor facility and two outdoor fields Thursday and Friday evenings AND has priority over the Dallas Cowboys

• Dallas Cowboys Headquarters and Apparel Company to move to site – Around 200 jobs

• 25 year contract guaranteed and 1 week of Pre-Season every year in Frisco

Then I had to get pictures with both Joneses and Welcome them to Frisco!



And I told Jerry he would not be let down with the quality of all of the new developments for his players to buy homes in Richwoods, Lawler Park, Phillips Creek Ranch and Liberty Crossing in the near Future. He smiled and nodded.


“And I personally want to welcome the Dallas Cowboys to Frisco! Can’t wait to help you out with your luxury real estate needs!”

Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

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