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The Reserve at Lawler Park in Frisco shows Strong sales by both Darling and Highland Homes in their Final Phase


Since September of 2014, Darling Homes and Highland Homes have SOLD 46 homes in the Final Phase of the Preserve at Lawler Park in Frisco!


Not shockingly though. This is 2015 in Frisco, Texas.

Lawler Park, Richwoods, Phillips Creek Ranch and a couple other new developments in Frisco have been out of control with both sales on new builds and spec homes.


The third phase of Lawler Park called the Reserve does by far have the best lots tucked in the back Northern portion of the community between huge beautiful mature trees with a walking trail leading to one of Frisco’s beautiful parks.


There are some great lot opportunities still available by both Darling and Highland Homes. The current buyers incentives (as of today) are Darling has $20,000 for design upgrades and Highland has 5% of the total price. Incentives can change daily.


Lawler Park by far is one of my favorite opportunities in Frisco and still see it as a great option looking to capitalize on the location and amenities that Lawler Park has to offer.


If you are looking at purchasing a home at Lawler Park in Frisco text or call Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723 to learn how to recurve the highest cash back rebate in Frisco!


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24 Total Specs (Inventory Homes) either released or planned by Darling Homes and Highland Homes at Lawler Park in Frisco!


It’s the word that has completely vanished from builders mouths lately here in Frisco, but it’s back!

“Specs” are coming and quickly! Due to the high demand of build jobs lately builders could not even start a “spec” before it was sold. But now Darling and Highland have 24 in different stages of construction in Lawler Park.


Only 1 is ready to move in today with many others on its heels. Here is a current update on both the Arbors Section and The Crossing section for Lawler Park regarding both Darling Homes and Highland Homes.


The Arbors

The standard size lots for the Arbors is 65 wide and 115 deep. There are a total of 145 lots for now. There are 11 specs being built here total between both Darling and Highland.


Darling Homes at The Arbors Update

Darling started selling the Arbors first and sold out of Phase 1 in record time! As of today they start at 2,363 square feet at $374,990. In Phase 2, they have already sold 14 and have 6 specs in the mix. 3 should be completed in December 2013 and the other 3 should reach completion in 2014 and they should start in November which is the plan.


Highland Homes at The Arbors

Highland starts at $385,990 for 2,156 square feet. They have a total of 5 specs planned.

They have their last lot in Phase 1 slated for a Spec which should be ready in October. In Phase 2, they have 4 Sold and 4 Specs to be ready in the January/February Timeframe.


The Crossing at Lawler Park Update


The standard size lots for the Crossing at Lawler Park is 75 wide and 125 deep. There are a total of 199 lots for now. The big news is the new Elementary School for FISD planned on the North side of Lawler Park, McSpedden Elementary (https://updatefrisco.com/2013/09/16/mcspedden-elementary-will-be-the-frisco-elementary-school-for-richwoods-and-lawler-park-in-the-fall-of-2014/) will be open for the 2014 school year!There are 13 specs being built here total between both Darling and Highland.


The home above is available to move in today by Darling Homes!!!

Darling Homes at The Crossing Update

Darling starts at $455,990 for 2,879 square feet. Currently in Phase 1 they have 4 Specs and that’s all. The one above and 2 completion dates in November and 1 in April of 2014.

In Phase 2 they have 6 specs that have plans to start in September.

Th one Spec that is very impressive to me is at 7615 Dotter. It is in a corner with large trees and a greenbelt on the backside! It is 5 bedroom and 5.5 Bath and 4,216 square feet.


Highland Homes in The Crossing Update

Highland starts at $506,990 for 3,035 square feet. They also have 1 lot left in phase 1 which they have specked out with a 5 bedroom, 4.5 bath home at 4,314 square feet planned for completion in November.

They have sold 6 homes in Phase 2 and have 2 other specs that are projected to be ready in February and April.


For more on Highland Homes or Darling Homes incentives or specials in Lawler Park, text or call Brad Holden today!

And don’t forget to ask him about his Rebate or BCS for his clients that purchase in Lawler Park in Frisco.


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Preston Trail at West Rowlett Creek Church in Frisco will significantly help values of Lawler Park

Preston Trails at West Rowlett Creek Church in Frisco is underway off of Independence between Rolater and Main Street in Frisco. The church will be 33.5 acres and directly over the treeline of Lawler Park and across from Liberty Crossing.


Preston Trails will help Lawler Park residents in a couple of ways.

The church fills a gap of land that was originally zoned single family homes and changed to allow for the church. The reason why this matters is the Taychas Trail.

Taychas Trail is a city hike and bike trail that has already been approved through the city of Frisco that will connect Bacchus Community Park to Independence Parkway. A portion of the trail will be on the church property due to it being in the flood plain.


If homes were built there, it might not have been approved depending on what the developer/builders planned for that section of the acreage.

The Church also takes away the chance of a low end builder come in and connect to the upper end quality builders Darling Homes and Highland Homes.

For more info on Lawler Park in Frisco call or text Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723.

“And just wait until I break the newest development news that will be underway in the beginning of 2014!”


Darling Homes in Lawler Park in Frisco Opens new phases


Darling Homes in Lawler Park has just announced the opening of Phase 2 in both the Crossing and Arbors!

This has been a long time coming since they are down to their last available homes in phase 1.

In the Arbors, Darling has 34 available lots which 3 have been sold today and yesterday on an average lot size of 65 wide by 120 deep. A 2,300 square foot one-story starts at $369,990 all the way up to a 3,800 for $458,990.



There are some pretty incredible opportunities there with 6 of the lots backing to a beautiful tree line of mature trees.

On the Crossing side, Darling has 25 lots and Highland has the other 25. There are 15 pool lots that the builders will be offering after they sell the initial lots as well.

A standard crossing lot is 75 foot wide and 125 foot deep. There are a couple oversized lots that are even on a beautiful cul-de-sac.

Prices start at $455,990 for 2,800 square feet and go up to 4,000 square feet at $503,990.

Current incentives being offered in both sections is $27,000! This can change at any time.


For a play map or more info on Darling Homes or Highland Homes in Lawler Park, text or call Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723.

“And don’t forget to ask about his 4% Total Rebate for clients purchasing in Lawler Park.”

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Highland Homes in Lawler Park Model


The Highland Homes model home in Lawler Park really has some fantastic features that blew me away today. It is the 794 plan in The Arbors and starts at a base price of $416,990 with 4 bedrooms and 3 full baths and 3,439 square feet.

The picture above is a 20 foot cathedral ceiling in the family room. This feature is absolutely amazing and really opens up the house into an enormous feeling. It is included in the plan! The beams actually are an upgrade for around $3,250 but are almost necessary for a WOW look.


Another standard feature that WOWed me is the granite in the kitchen and the cabinet style is also standard! In other models and builders, both features are upgrades.


And lastly, as Steve Marion the Highland Homes salesperson is pointing out, the feet on the kitchen island are also standard. Huge plus.

For more info on Highland Homes in Lawler Park call Brad Holden at (469) 733-2723.

And don’t forget about my 4% Total Rebate for clients that purchase a Highland Home in Lawler Park.

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Highland Homes in Lawler Park Realtor Party


Highland Homes in Lawler Park hosted a realtor party for the opening of their model home in The Arbors. The turnout was amazing.

Over 100 cars were lined up and down the street. It was one if the largest attendances of an opening by realtors that I have ever seen.

Highland Homes did it right though by providing valet parking and a great lunch.

They will be priced incredibly for a new Highland Home in Frisco. The model has a cathedral ceiling family and the flow works very well from room to room.


For more info on Highlands plans and pricing or a play map of available lots, call Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723.

And don’t forget to ask about the 4% Total Rebate for the Lawler Park community.

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Highland Homes Model in The Arbors at Lawler Park Model Home Update


The slab has been poured and things are WAY ahead of schedule for Highland Homes in Lawler Park. Highland actually opened up last Tuesday to sales and Steve Marion hasn’t had a chance to think with his back to back to back meetings.

Things are looking very promising with Highlands 5% incentive off of the entire price of the home with all upgrades included. And there are also some amazing non premium lots still available


The bridge is also nearing completion and will be a very unique feature that I have actually never seen before.

“To take advantage of these pre-grand opening prices and builder incentives call me at (469) 733-2723 and let’s set a time to look at available lots.”

And remember my 4% Total Rebate is the best in Collin County for my clients. Don’t leave thousands on the table in negotiating with these builders! I have done this for 9 years now and I never leave money on the table for my clients.

Call Brad Holden at (469)733-2723 today!

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Highland Homes in Lawler Park Opens for Pre-Sale


Highland Homes in Lawler Park opened this week with back to back to back appointments to go over plans pricing and available lots.

If you would like to take advantage of my 4% Total Rebate for my clients in Lawler Park, call me today at (469) 733-2723 to set up an appointment with before August 20th.


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The Lawler Park in Frisco Advantage


It will be very difficult for any community in Frisco to compete with the appeal of Lawler Park to a family with athletic children.

“Lawler Park will connect to Harrold Bacchus Community Park on a hike and bike trail directly North of the community.”

Let me tell you about it.

The address of the City Park is 13995 Main Street in Frisco, Texas. The nearest major intersection is Main Street & Independence Parkway sitting on 79 acres.

The amenities are endless for the sports enthusiasts. Phase I consists of a youth baseball/softball five-plex, including the Rusty Greer/Texas Rangers Championship Field and the Frisco Miracle League Field. Which includes a concession and restroom facility, and several football/soccer multipurpose fields with landscaping and plenty of parking.

Phase II features the ‘On Deck Circle’ which includes batting cages and tunnels. Twelve acres are for football/soccer multipurpose fields that have two restrooms & concession facilities. A signature playground is nearby with a picnic pavilion, three additional playgrounds, a two-acre lake and approximately one mile of hike & bike trails.

I know that was a lot, but just take a ride out there and see it for yourself. You won’t believe it!

Lawler Park residents will be able to either ride their bikes, run or walk and take advantage of this phenomenal place for both adults and children to make everlasting memories.

And this is on top of building a dream home with either Darling Homes or Highland Homes in Lawler Park.

For more on Lawler Park in Frisco click here or call Brad Holden directly at (469) 733-2723.


Lawler Park in Frisco to have two sections

The Arbors of Lawler Park plans to have 64 foot wide lots.

Lawler Park in Frisco is almost ready for the models to break ground. Both Darling Homes and Highland Homes plan to begin their models soon and be complete by October 2012.  But both have decided that the development will be split up into two sections, The Arbors of Lawler Park and The Crossing of Lawler Park.

The Arbors of Lawler Park is slated to have both Highland and Darling to build a 64 foot wide home that has a smaller yard, but in a fantastic location with the upscale features that Highland and Darling are known for.  The prices plan to be in the high $300’s up to the mid $450’s.

The Crossing at Lawler Park plans to be on larger lots, ranging from 75 feet wide a minimum with some oversized lots in the high 90 feet wide range.  Both builders will be building and prices will start standard at $450 and go up from there.

The Crossing at Lawler Park will feature 75 feet wide lots here.

Lawler Park will be located just North of Richwoods, but the main differences are as follows.  Richwoods will be gated and Lawler Park will not be gated.  Lawler Park will have more mature trees and have a creek on the northern border where Richwoods has plans of extensive landscaping throughout the community.  Richwoods will have a $10 million dollar amenity center with a resort style pool, work-out facility and banquet room and Lawler has plans of a Pool and smaller clubhouse.

I could go on and on with the differences, but it is a personal preference for anyone that is considering these two locations.  Feel free to call me directly at (469) 733-2723 if you would like more information on either community or questions regarding timing, plans, pricing etc.