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BREAKING NEWS – Toll Brothers pulls out of Edgewood in Frisco and Shaddock Homes will be newest builder!

Edgewood in Frisco has been the number 1 selling community for sales in the past 6 months. Currently Toll Brothers, Southgate and Meritage have been the builders but things are a changin’.

Shaddock Homes is in my top 5 for quality and price in DFW! They will come in and take some of the 55 foot wide by 120 foot deep lots and be sharing them with Southgate.

Shaddock will definitely bring in their proven plans since they have been around for 50 years in DFW.

On top of Shaddock coming into Edgewood, I’m a little biased but feel that it is zoned to the number 1 Elementary School in Frisco called McSpedden Elementary.

McSpedden has had the best scores in the district for a couple years in a row in FISD academically. The staff is always on top of everything and teachers are elite! The PTA every year is also so involved and help in so many ways!

The environment even with parents Of the students is outstanding with a bagels and coffee Emotional support gathering after drop off for school today for the first day of school back.

The currently zoned schools for Edgewood for middle school is Lawler Middle School and high school is Centennial High School which all 3 campuses are all nearby and walkable!

For more on Edgewood in Frisco or Shaddock, Meritage and Southgate Homes, text or call Brad Holden today at (469)733-2723 for a tour of the community or how I can save you thousands on negotiations at contract!

Peter Shaddock owner of Shaddock Homes and Brad Holden Broker.


Toll Brothers and Southgate Homes at Edgewood in Frisco breaking records on sales!

At Edgewood in Frisco, Toll Brothers and Southgate Homes have sold a total of 21 homes in only a couple months!

Is this surprising to me? Absolutely not! Edgewood did take a little longer than expected to get going, but now they are rolling!

The reason for its tremendous success is a pent-up demand for a quality product with pricing that is favorable to buyers. On top of that, the location is amazing!

Toll Brothers is well known nationally for what you get. It’s extremely luxurious and their designs are more like a custom home builder.

Southgate Homes started as a custom builder and has expanded into neighborhoods with almost an identical game plan but on a smaller scale.

The owner Jay Hankla was previously with Shaddock Homes and in a way I feel he has put his own touches on top of the Shaddock look.

The Southgate model home has a downstairs media room which is one of the top wants from most buyers I speak to.

I do like that Toll Brothers Lots are all in the same area as well. They are building only on the 55 by 120 lots and start in the high $400’s at 2,171 square feet.

Above is their model called the Rochester and WOW, it’s worth a look even if you already have a home! It flows so well that it’s hard to spot any issues with the floor plan whatsoever! The Rochester starts at $564,995 and 2,997 square feet.

Toll does have two plans that also offer a second master which is amazing considering the lot size.

Toll Brothers is currently offering a $30,000 buyer incentive that could change at any time due to the amount of sales.

Toll Brothers just does a very good job showing a clean look throughout with almost perfect laid out plans.

Southgate really shows some unique upgrades that are all new trends and almost ,in their own way, set new trends with how they show off their model.

Lastly, Edgewood has a total of 354 homesites and has 17 acres of green belt! It’s a very nice piece of land and the developer did a great job incorporating the mature trees and even added bridges!

There is even 5 miles of hike and bike trails within the community!

On top of it all, Edgewood has 8 cul-de-sacs which is difficult to do in smaller developments like Edgewood.

Another huge advantage to residents of Edgewood is the students can walk to all of the schools! (Now that could change but most likely for now they can.)

My boys go to the same elementary McSpedden that Edgewood students will and you cannot find a better Elementary school anywhere in my mind!

For more on Toll Brothers or Southgate Homes at Edgewood in Frisco, text or call Brad Holden today at (469)733-2723. And don’t forget to ask how I can get you the builders bottom line price, but also rebate thousands back for additional upgrades!

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SNEAK PEEK into the new McSpedden Elementary School in Frisco!


This weekend we took a tour through Richwoods and Lawler Parks new elementary school for residents called McSpedden Elementary. I was SHOCKED at what we saw! Take a look!


The exterior was done very well like many other Frisco ISD schools with the Texas Brick and Stone with accents of cast stone and a metal roof.

Then open the front door and SHA-BANG . . . The orange, green, grey and blue creates some serious excitement!


And it doesn’t stop there, the hallways, classrooms, cafeteria and even the gym is FULL of color! It’s really neat looking!

The library is front and center after you exit the hallway.




Take a right from the entrance and you will take the hallway to the gym and cafeteria.






Attached to the gym and cafeteria will be the 4th and 5th grade rooms.



And outside the playground and basketball goals look fantastic!






It’s a great start for our new neighborhoods with such an amazing looking Elementary School. Way to go Frisco ISD!


“For more on Richwoods or Lawler Park in Frisco text or call Brad Holden today for lot availability or builder incentives!”

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McSpedden Elementary in Frisco is ahead of Schedule!


Take a drive through Lawler Park and you will see around 85 to 100 cars parked near the new McSpedden Elementary.


The attendance zone for McSpedden has been finalized and students that are on the East Half of Richwoods and all of Lawler Park will attend McSpedden. The West half of Richwoods will still attend Curtsinger for 2014.


And it looks like the gym is up and the main areas including the roof. McSpedden was planned to be ready June 1st, but sources told me most likely it will be August.


For more on Richwoods or Lawler Park text or call Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723.


Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

Update on McSpedden Elementary in Frisco


The construction on McSpedden Elementary located inside Lawler Park is amazing! I drove by tonight around 8:30pm and they were still working on the concrete!


Frisco ISD was not kidding when they pretty much guaranteed the school to open its doors next school year!


As you can see the plumbing is already in and the carpool lane is what they were smoothing out tonight.


It’s amazing to me how quickly they can get projects like this done so quickly. This will be faster than a couple of my clients houses!!!


For more info on new home communities like Lawler Park or Richwoods that are currently zoned for McSpedden Elementary in Frisco, Text or Call Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723.


McSpedden Elementary well Underway at Lawler Park in Frisco


The big construction vehicles are out in Lawler Park starting the newest elementary school for FISD.

McSpedden Elementary got a green flag at a recent board meeting to help with the growth of East Frisco. Mainly Richwoods and Lawler Park.

Even the stakes are out with the dirt leveled for the footprint of the school!


Plans for the new school were previously projected for opening in 2015, but with overcrowding in Curtsinger Elementary this was almost a must for Frisco.

Both Richwoods and Lawler Park seem to have no slow down whatsoever. And once Liberty Crossing comes online things might get worse, but in a good way!

For more on Frisco’s newest communities text or call Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723.


Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

24 Total Specs (Inventory Homes) either released or planned by Darling Homes and Highland Homes at Lawler Park in Frisco!


It’s the word that has completely vanished from builders mouths lately here in Frisco, but it’s back!

“Specs” are coming and quickly! Due to the high demand of build jobs lately builders could not even start a “spec” before it was sold. But now Darling and Highland have 24 in different stages of construction in Lawler Park.


Only 1 is ready to move in today with many others on its heels. Here is a current update on both the Arbors Section and The Crossing section for Lawler Park regarding both Darling Homes and Highland Homes.


The Arbors

The standard size lots for the Arbors is 65 wide and 115 deep. There are a total of 145 lots for now. There are 11 specs being built here total between both Darling and Highland.


Darling Homes at The Arbors Update

Darling started selling the Arbors first and sold out of Phase 1 in record time! As of today they start at 2,363 square feet at $374,990. In Phase 2, they have already sold 14 and have 6 specs in the mix. 3 should be completed in December 2013 and the other 3 should reach completion in 2014 and they should start in November which is the plan.


Highland Homes at The Arbors

Highland starts at $385,990 for 2,156 square feet. They have a total of 5 specs planned.

They have their last lot in Phase 1 slated for a Spec which should be ready in October. In Phase 2, they have 4 Sold and 4 Specs to be ready in the January/February Timeframe.


The Crossing at Lawler Park Update


The standard size lots for the Crossing at Lawler Park is 75 wide and 125 deep. There are a total of 199 lots for now. The big news is the new Elementary School for FISD planned on the North side of Lawler Park, McSpedden Elementary (https://updatefrisco.com/2013/09/16/mcspedden-elementary-will-be-the-frisco-elementary-school-for-richwoods-and-lawler-park-in-the-fall-of-2014/) will be open for the 2014 school year!There are 13 specs being built here total between both Darling and Highland.


The home above is available to move in today by Darling Homes!!!

Darling Homes at The Crossing Update

Darling starts at $455,990 for 2,879 square feet. Currently in Phase 1 they have 4 Specs and that’s all. The one above and 2 completion dates in November and 1 in April of 2014.

In Phase 2 they have 6 specs that have plans to start in September.

Th one Spec that is very impressive to me is at 7615 Dotter. It is in a corner with large trees and a greenbelt on the backside! It is 5 bedroom and 5.5 Bath and 4,216 square feet.


Highland Homes in The Crossing Update

Highland starts at $506,990 for 3,035 square feet. They also have 1 lot left in phase 1 which they have specked out with a 5 bedroom, 4.5 bath home at 4,314 square feet planned for completion in November.

They have sold 6 homes in Phase 2 and have 2 other specs that are projected to be ready in February and April.


For more on Highland Homes or Darling Homes incentives or specials in Lawler Park, text or call Brad Holden today!

And don’t forget to ask him about his Rebate or BCS for his clients that purchase in Lawler Park in Frisco.


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McSpedden Elementary will be the Frisco Elementary School for Richwoods and Lawler Park in the Fall of 2014


McSpedden Elementary will be one of 4 new elementary schools in Frisco to open in the Fall of 2014.

By unanimous vote last Monday, the Frisco Board of trustees voted to name the school for Sonny and the late Joanne Thomas McSpedden.

Both have deep ties to the area. Sonny served on the School Board from 1970 to 1976 and Joanne was very active in supporting Frisco schools and the Heritage Association before her death in 2010. The McSpeddens played a big role in the Frisco Homecoming Parade (now Frisco Community Parade) in the 60’s and 70’s and helped embrace newcomers as the City grew, easing the transition of Frisco from a small town to a friendly city.

So residents of Richwoods, Lawler Park and most likely Liberty Crossing in Frisco will have their children attend McSpedden Elementary in the Fall of 2104!


Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker